Our Story


Hi, my name is Lorna and my nine year old daughter Aliyah and I share a love of baby dolls, Reborns in particular. As a young girl I loved dolls and collected porcelain dolls for many years.

I purchased our first Reborn doll as a gift for Aliyah when she was just 3 years old. As soon as I held that Reborn doll, I was hooked. I was in awe of the realism of the doll, it looked and felt just like a real newborn baby. Aliyah instantly took on the role of ‘Mummy’ with her new baby and this is where our passion for Reborns began.

We now have a large collection of Reborn dolls from various artists all over the world. Over time our dream was to create these amazing dolls ourselves and with the help of Master Artist Adriana De Simone, our dream became a reality. We now have a nice little team where I paint the Reborns and Aliyah assists with the assembly process.

We are so pleased that we can offer these Reborn babies up for adoption, giving others the chance to experience the joy that a Reborn can bring.

When asked what Aliyah thinks of her Reborns she said - “Having my Reborns is like having lots of little friends that I can cuddle whenever I want.”